New Preservatives Help Wooden Boat Comeback

Imagine back in the days before tools and manufacturing plants were available, the first wooden boat was probably a hollowed out log. Until about the middle of the 20th century, wood was the popular choice of building materials for boats, due to its pliability and workability, made into boats of all sizes. From a one-person […]

Speed Boat Designed For Independent Navigation

Essentially, by sticking a motor on the back of just about any boat can classify it as a speed boat, regardless of how fast it slides through the water. There are three basic classifications of boats, manual power, wind power and a speed boat. The need for speed is not as important as the means […]

Big Beautiful Sail Boats

What is a sail boat? A sail boat is a vessel that is propelled through the water entirely or partly by sails. These types of sailing craft are often seen dotting the waters in warm tropical places. What better way to spend the afternoon then sailing through the beautiful aquamarine waters of some tropical location. […]

What Type of Paddle Boat is for You?

If you are looking for a sport that will allow you to engage in physical exercise that is fun for the whole family, look no further than a paddle boat. A paddle boat is a terrific way to get exercise and enjoy the water without all the expense that a motor boat will bring.   […]

A Guide to Boat Loans

Sure we would all love to have our very own boat, but then reality hits, and for most of us, it is simply not possible. Most people make a very moderate living, and even if they do have a bit of extra money flowing, there are usually so many bills and financial matters to take […]

Living On A Boat – A Good Or Bad Experience?

We sometimes see people doing it in movies and on television. It seems like a romantic and attractive way to live. But is living on a boat really as exciting as it might seem at first glance? There is no doubt that boating is an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a weekend, or perhaps […]