Essentially, by sticking a motor on the back of just about any boat can classify it as a speed boat, regardless of how fast it slides through the water. There are three basic classifications of boats, manual power, wind power and a speed boat. The need for speed is not as important as the means by which the boat is moved from one point to another.

Manual powered boats are pushed through the water with oars and people power. The speed at which they travel is contingent on the number of oars in the water and the strength and stamina of the people using the oars. While some of the small, racing row boats can move along at a pretty good clip, they cannot be defined as a speed boat due to the manual nature of their power. A sail boat may also include a motor for use moving in and out of a harbor or dock, but its primary source of power is the wind.

This could be considered one of the first vessels to use hybrid power, with the wind being primary and a motor, or even oars used when there is wind, Despite having an onboard motor, it is not truly a speed boat, even when the sails and are not unfurled and catching the wind.

There Is Difference Between Racing And Speed Boat

To many, the term speed boat conjures up images of low riding, sleek boats skimming across the water faster than the cars they drove to the lake. These racing boats are capable of reaching speeds that can make a grown man cry out of fear, and while their speed may be ridiculous, they are classified as racing boats and not speed boats.

In the most general sense, a speed boat is a craft with motor mounted either as an inboard or outboard motor, designed to push the boat through the water at speeds that can range from about five miles per hour to upwards of 50 or 60 miles per hour. They are mostly used for pleasure cruising but, depending on their design can be used for water skiing and other sports.

A smaller speed boat is often used for a variety of purposes such as skiing, fishing and pleasure. The average size is between 18 and 24-feet carrying an outboard motor ranging from 25 to 150-horsepower. While boat and motor size vary be user, the average boat length and its power source is suitable for most casual boaters.

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