Whether you live on it, sleep on it while on vacation or only use it for an occasional run around the lake, pontoon boat accessories can make your life aboard this floating platform more enjoyable. There are numerous accessories available depending on the intended use of the craft and everything from daily living to occasional recreation, pontoon boat accessories can be found to meet every need.

For those who plan to cook on their pontoon boat accessories include small propane grills for cooking as well as coolers that promise to keep ice intact for up to five days. Storing food on board and cooking can save a ton of money when spending a considerable amount of time on your boat. The majority of pontoon boat accessories are designed to be lashed to the deck of the boat to help keep them steady while in use and not roll around when hit with the wake of a passing boat.

In addition to mandatory safety equipped required of all boaters by the Coast Guard, an additional fire extinguishers may be one of the pontoon boat accessories of which there can never to too many. Especially, if you plan cooking on board an extinguisher made for oil and grease fires should be located nearby the grill.

Comfort Adds To Boating Enjoyment

Since the main purpose of floating the lake on a pontoon boat, accessories such as chairs and recliners can provide some of the creature comforts many people are accustomed to at home. Extra batteries can provide power for additional lighting in the evening to allow more entertainment after dark. These batteries should be in addition to the required lights on the boat as you want to make sure the running lights are on at all times while on the water after dark.

Indoor-outdoor carpeting is on of the common pontoon boat accessories found on many boats as it helps maintain the passengers’ footing and is easy to clean. It also protect the boat’s surface from damage by shoes and other pontoon boat accessories being dragged across the surface. It is available in many colors and can be custom fit to the boat’s size and shape. Glue should be avoided when putting down carpet as it can cause damage to the boat’s surface that it is attempting to protect.

Hanging lights, even small refrigerators are available for use on a pontoon boat and small, gas-powered generators can be added to provide power to many of the pontoon boat accessories available for the boater’s pleasure.

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