For those who are new to the world of boating, you may have heard the term boat lift and wondered what it was all about. What a boat lift simply is is a device that keeps your boat above the water, preventing water damage and wear to your watercraft.

The Three Types of Boat Lift

You can choose from three basic types of boat lift. There is a mounted boat lift, a floating boat lift, and a standing boat lift. Each one has its benefits depending on the type of boat and the body of water for which you plan to use it.

If you have a boat that is kept on a body of water that has a firm bottom with a gradual grade and only small fluctuations in the water a standing lift is the one you should use. You can find this type of shoreline on glacial lakes and in the northern part of the United States. This type of boat lift needs to have a firm bottom to rest the standing boat frame on it securely.

If you have a dock already in place, a floating lift is a good choice for you. It will fit naturally with a floating dock. However, a floating lift is great if you have water that fluctuates a few feet during the season you use your boat, or if you house your boat on a shoreline that is deep. The floating lift utilizes tanks that are under the water and are used to make the boat lift float. It should be attached to a dock, float or a seawall and have a minimum of four feet of space underneath so the boat can get onto the lift without banging into the tanks.

If your boat is moored in a shallow saltwater area or if it is anchored between the pilings or on a seawall, a mounted boat lift may be the lift for you. A mounted lift typically uses a winch that is motorized to lift your boat out of the water.

When Buying a Boat Lift Online

If you are thinking about buying online, there are a few things you should check out before doing so. Find a company that has not only a name and telephone number but a physical address as well. You want to make your purchase from a company that can be contacted easily should you encounter any problems.

Seek a company that has their policies clearly stated. Be sure and read the policy in its entirety to ensure that you understand their policies on returns, guarantees and if they charge restocking fees should you need to return your purchase for any reason.

Use your credit card when you purchase a boat lift. It is far easier to handle any problems with the company such as fraud, delivery notification and any other situation that arises when you use a credit card to pay for your purchase.

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