New Preservatives Help Wooden Boat Comeback

Imagine back in the days before tools and manufacturing plants were available, the first wooden boat was probably a hollowed out log. Until about the middle of the 20th century, wood was the popular choice of building materials for boats, due to its pliability and workability, made into boats of all sizes. From a one-person […]

Tips On How To Arrive At A Fair Used Boat Value

Buying used boats is not that difficult a proposition if you select the source for the used boat with care, and it is usually a good idea when buying a used boat for the first time to go to a dealer with a sound reputation who will be sure to provide you with a used […]

How To Find The Best Use Boat Prices

The cost of brand new boats can be quite very high. If you have a limited budget for your boat, it would be a good idea for you to buy a used boat instead of a brand new one. Since used boat prices may vary depending on the design, size, features and age of the […]

Speed Boat Designed For Independent Navigation

Essentially, by sticking a motor on the back of just about any boat can classify it as a speed boat, regardless of how fast it slides through the water. There are three basic classifications of boats, manual power, wind power and a speed boat. The need for speed is not as important as the means […]

Big Beautiful Sail Boats

What is a sail boat? A sail boat is a vessel that is propelled through the water entirely or partly by sails. These types of sailing craft are often seen dotting the waters in warm tropical places. What better way to spend the afternoon then sailing through the beautiful aquamarine waters of some tropical location. […]

Pontoon Boat Accessories Make Boating Life More Convenient

Whether you live on it, sleep on it while on vacation or only use it for an occasional run around the lake, pontoon boat accessories can make your life aboard this floating platform more enjoyable. There are numerous accessories available depending on the intended use of the craft and everything from daily living to occasional […]