What is a sail boat? A sail boat is a vessel that is propelled through the water entirely or partly by sails. These types of sailing craft are often seen dotting the waters in warm tropical places. What better way to spend the afternoon then sailing through the beautiful aquamarine waters of some tropical location. There are many different types of sail boats to choose from.

Big ones, little ones, even teeny tiny ones that children can pilot all by themselves. These boats can have brightly colored sails or plain white sails. Sometimes the hull itself is a bright color. When there are many of these boats sailing, the colors are breathtaking dotting the sea. Sail boats are not just used for pleasure sailing but there is also highly anticipated events held each year that involve racing these great boats with only the wind to guide them.

Types Of Sail Boats

A sail boat can be distinguished by not only its size but by the way the hull is configured. What it is used for (its purpose) and the different types of keel that each boat has. How many masts the boat has is also a good way to tell different types of sail boats apart. The sail boat that is most seen out sailing is the sloop. This boat has one mast and two sails; therefore, it is very good at sailing towards the wind. Sloops are popular racing boats and can be seen in almost every tropical location.

After the sloop, the cutter is the most common sail boat that can be seen dotting tropical waters. A cutter is not very different from a sloop; it has a mainsail and a single mast, but uses two headsails instead of one. These boats are also used for racing as well as pleasure. Perhaps the boat that most people find extrordinary is the schooner. This beautiful boat has two or more masts and is used for pleasure cruises, but is definitely an awesome sight when all of its sails are up.

When taking a trip to some tropical location a person would be silly to pass up an opportunity to take a trip on a sail boat. These great vessels of the sea are an attraction themselves and a possible missed chance at a ride on one would be a source of great regret. These beautiful boats are not only fun to sail, but a learning experience where you get to see the inner workings of what it takes to actually keep a sail boat running in all of the oceans of the world.

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