Boat lifts

How much should a boat lift Cost?

It depends on the size and weight of the boat. Most boat lifts are around $10k to $20k for a boat between 17 feet and 24 feet long.

What are the different types of boat lifts?

You have vertical boat lifts, elevator, beamless, railway, deck lifts, and boathouse lifts

Do I need a boat lift?

If you have a waterfront home with a seawall and own a boat, a boat lift is definitely a must. It will increase the value of your home and keep the maintenance of your boat low while keeping your boat in good condition. To all of this, you can add the convenience of having your boat in your home, just a few steps and decreasing the time for launching and bringing all your fishing accessories or any other item you want

Where to chose from?

At first sight, different brands of boat lifts may look similar, but upon closer inspection, you realize that the construction, welding or bolting are completely different. The largest companies have better more complex products as they were able to invest in technology for the industry, like CNC computerized systems and machines that make the cuts perfectly without any error margin

What about Lifts for smaller vessels or personal watercraft (PWC)?

These are known as jetski lifts or PWC lifts, they are less expensive as the weight and size of these personal watercraft are small compared to a regular boat. Inside this category, you find also another even smaller lift like a kayak launcher

Are they built in the USA?

Few companies build them locally. One of the is IMM Quality boat lifts, the largest boat lift manufacturer in the country, with a production of 150 to 200 boat lifts a month. Their warranty and manufacturing process is known to be the best in the boat lifts industry.

What are they made of?

A boat lift is made of Aluminum, the mechanical systems for a boat lifter should be easy to use, raise the boat lift with ease into the water and out of the water on your dock. The design evolves according to the different requirements for each lift for the boat and customer, and usually, the engineering department of the boats lifts made them custom to fit right on the seawall or dock

Are any of these lifts for boats available or readymade to purchase?

No, you need to contact your contractor and ask them to contact your preferred boat lift manufacturer. Or you can contact your boat lift provider for free and they will put you in contact with a reliable marine contractor that will install your product at your dock with all the accessories you need to fit your boat or boats. In general, any lift for boat should be unique to the specifications either for a PWC or for any vessel

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